2000 Dodge Caravan Electrical Troubleshooting

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    Here are some simple steps that can help you solve your 2000 Dodge Caravan 2000 electrical troubleshooting problem.

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    2000 dodge caravan electrical troubleshooting

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    2000 dodge caravan electrical troubleshooting

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    We have a 2000 Dodge Grand Caravan Sport that suddenly had a problem this morning.

    Turn signals, curly hair of the electric door, the fan does not work at all, even the flashlight and the ABS lamp remain in the second position after starting the car. I checked the fuses, everything is fine. I am expanding further here that the flashlight may be associated with a clock spring, which does not work in any way, but seems to be related to a cruise ship or beep, which I have not tested yet. Your

    What about battery cables and cable connections? Your vehicle has recently undergone a major overhaul.

    Thanks for watching. Three things – come on. > Battery as hundahunta pointed out. The electronics of these vans are sensitive to small voltages and current peaks. A bad battery or corroded connections can cause severalHow many problems. The stress test truly proves the health of your battery. Most centers fill them in automatically. > Ignition lock. Disconnect different pins in the switch package for different systems. In particular, contact with someone on the Switch can affect countless systems at the same time. You will see this laugh in the future when you change. Some time ago I was convinced of this from my own experience. After driving from a friend’s house, I noticed that several of the light bulbs and door, window and panel seals were not working. Sounds familiar. I went back to the driveway I found and the switch seemed to get stuck so easily between sprint and start. I hit the big one, jumped on it, where the situation should be, and everything was right. > Body control module (BCM) and CCD multiplex data stream. All Viajan modules / computers communicate with each other via their own bus. The slightest strong resistance should create seemingly unrelated problems. BCM is an important player in this approach bus and unfortunately controls much of the energyelectronics in the van. You can reset the bus and the entire BCM by disconnecting the iodine fuse in the fuse box (PDC) and disconnecting the battery for 2-3 minutes. Disconnecting the battery does the same. Don’t be lost.

    Thanks for the quick response, the van doesn’t get annoying, and the connections on the battery surface should be good but not corroded. At startup, the key looks fine at startup, but you can try it after work. I’ll turn off the IOD level to reset other modules, so I’ll just suggest.

    Doubt I’m more than anyone else, but help my 98 achieve something like this. ABS airbag and lights on, no cruise control and a few more points … In short, there is a recall and the dealership fixed it for free. You can check it out as it looks like the same problems as mine.

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  • Okay, I tried all of the above and almost nothing changed, still no fan, no turn signals, no electric locks next to the ABS warning light and the airbag warning light is constantly on. CruiseThe light turns on and the beep works and I’m not sure if the call spring is going off because a lot of people seem to realize that when the clock spring is out these important topics don’t work.
    Is it possible that all non-work-related things disappeared at the same time?
    Any other suggestions ??

    Did you unplug the awesome battery … say 15 minutes and then plug it back in? back … worth a try

    All of your fashion communities except one (door locks) are secured on the same 10A # 12 circuit in the terminal block. Can you connect a voltmeter and / or test light to one of the pins and see if you can get 12V DC when working with the ignition switch? The voltage should only be visible at one of the contact fuses. If not, you probably have a faulty ignition switch, although it could be the wire from the ignition switch to the fuse.

    Do customers see any other bugs like no aisle lighting (PRNDL), fully heated seats, or something else?

    This wide spectrumP simultaneous failures are usually not caused by individual relays, but if their common power supply fails, this can be considered a case. This is exactly what I am looking for with the suggestion above.

    Okay, I disconnected the battery for a long time, still no results, I was able to check the fan circuit breaker to see if there is power, and then I also checked where the relay is and there is always power One of the three relay connections there must be at least one power source. I also checked the slots in each junction box under the dashboard fuses at locations # 11 and # 12, at which point one of those items was turned on. So where can I think about this next ?? I know the motorized inflator should be under the small passenger side, but looking at it only shows a few uses outside the room, and is there a large African American and a large blue cable that runs to one place over several others? Ideas ??

    Click the black wire with the orange wire while moving the ignition switch to the working positionliving.

    How do I route cables behind each ignition switch? I wish my partner and I never undressed.

    The shell of the Ctrl column, which is the cover for the Ctrl wheel. When you explore the ground, you will analyze several pits. They contain the screws that hold the shout and smile envelope together. Look at the screw heads. You could be or Phillips Torx. In addition, they fit together, so you need to be careful with them; like when it’s cold where you live comfortably. As it cools, the plastic becomes very brittle. If air baggage is a problem, disconnect the negative battery cable and let the van stand for a few minutes before disassembling it.

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    2000 Dodge Caravan Electrical Troubleshooting
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