Having Problems With Aion Directx Error?

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    If you get aion directx error on your system, this article can help you solve it.

    Can not

    “You are using Aion with the version of DirectX currently installed.
    Aion requires DirectX, version released in June 2008.
    You can download some of the correct versions from www.aiononline.com. “

    hi i have been fixing this issue for 3 days and trying to fix things, download the version people said and that’s it, but nothing works !!!!

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    First of all, you may need to download and install almost all of the software listed below if you are sure that it is already installed on your computer.
    1 – DirectX. A sufficient version of the software (June 2008) can be downloaded from the website. Open the file and select the folder where the data file will be extracted. Then navigate to the folder, open the .exe file and optionally installStart the program without asking any questions. A WARNING! As soon as someone runs the downloaded file, they will most likely be asked to provide the program to unpack all the files. Again, it’s all about unboxing! After unpacking, you need to open the provided folder and start the installation with the DXSETUP file.
    2 – Microsoft Visual C ++ Download and run the required components from here.
    3 – Download and install NET Framework. Download it from this link as it is essential for some of the game’s launchers to work properly!

    Typically, 99% of all obstacles (if all of the listed software is installed) are removed by one of our game rental company checks using the launcher. Therefore, if you have any problems with the system, first check your game client on the Internet!

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  • 1. Download and install Restoro
  • 2. Launch the application and sign in with your account credentials
  • 3. Choose the computers you want to scan and start the restoration process

  • CrySystem.dll (and other .dll files) could not load
    Install DirectX as recommended at the beginning of this topic.

    “AionClient was interrupted (Win7,” 32 bit, aion.bin crashed running) “
    Install DirectX as recommended at the beginning of this topic.

    CriticalWhat error: DLL error: Loading CrySoundSystem.dll, error code 127 “
    a) Delete the CrySoundSystem.dll file in the internal / bin32 folder and in the / bin64 directory. Consult the client in your own launcher;
    b) Install DirectX as you like at the beginning of the whole topic.

    “AionClient – No longer working / due to a problem the program stops working as expected” from the SendLogClient window
    a) Install DirectX as recommended in the theme announcement + the latest version from the official site;
    b) Install the latest drivers for your video card.

    Critical Error Error: Loading DLL: Game.dll. 14001 error procedure
    Runtime error!
    Install Microsoft Visual C ++ as recommended at the beginning of the section.

    “The authorization server cannot access the game server” or “Unable to connect to the authorization server”
    a) Delete the bin32, bin64 folders and update each client using the launcher;
    b) There is no doubt that you can use routers to access the internet or actively block firewalls that are handled by aion.bin or their ports. Are you upIt is false to include aion.bin in the exceptions and provide access to each port via the tcp protocol.

    “The server has disconnected you”
    a) your antivirus (it is better to uninstall it another time) and see if there are any changes;
    b) the server is down;
    c) You have a global problem.

    aion directx error

    Fatal error: Failed to load DLL: Game.dll error code 193.
    Delete the Game.dll file in the / bin32 / bin64 and / or directory. Update the client.

    “Aion.bin not found”
    a) Update the game using the launcher;
    b) Delete bin32 folders and update bin64 with some game.

    “x: Document and Settings Admin Local Settings Temp ~ .tmp” really found
    Captain: Better reinstall Windows.

    “This program is not available for your entire country”
    “1024” / “Game initialization error”
    Solution: delete the / L10N, bin32, bin64 folders and game files (files only, no folders). Test your hobby with a pitcher

    The game is definitely in Korean or after NCSOFT’s screen crashed.
    Solution: delete folders / L10N, bin32, bin64 and therefore all files in the game (only folder files, no folders). Check the game with mylauncher.

    “(1023) Error while specifying graphics speed settings”
    Install the latest drivers for your graphics card.

    “You have disconnected from your server”
    a) You have a problem with the globe;
    b) They were inactive for more than 30 minutes.

    aion directx error

    “Error opening .bin file”
    Add your main games folder to your antivirus whitelist.

    “Invalid username / password”
    The danger is in the password / login. Enter our site inside and check if the same data is entered according to the launcher. Check language of wording

    “Not a bug, the game won’t start”
    a) Run the game as administrator;
    b) Install DirectX as recommended at the beginning of the topic.

    Virtual machine detected. Code 0x14 (0).
    a) Open the flexible solar panel with the command -> Programs and Features -> click on the left side of the window on “Activate Windows features to be deactivated” -> deactivate the “Virtual Machine Platform” and “Windows Sandbox” features.
    b) Enter BIOS / UEFI and disable the virtual machine function.

    Windows is damaged (Patch Guard – game is disabled), cannot start. Code 0x7 (9021)
    a) press WIN + R, write msconfig -> press Enter; Go to the Boot button and select Windows 10.
    b) If you don’t have any boot options at the moment, the only way to fix the problem is to reinstall Windows.

    Startup error, close all games! 3
    Disable the launch of the third-party application:
    Press and hold the Windows and R keys at the same time -> type “msconfig” in a blank form -> OK -> go to the Services tab and check the Hide all Microsoft services box below -> click the Disable all button. …
    Then go to your start account and click Open Manager Adventure -> select the third party apps that are on your PC and click each of our deactivation buttons -> OK.

    If so. if there is no help, the problem is caused by an ongoing Windows update.
    In this case, you need to help remove this update:

    Settings -> Update & Security -> Windows Update -> Update History

    Remove update from most screenshots below and other updates from the same date (may vary).

    Game screen crashed / black color when Alt + Tab pressed / unable to change graphics settings:
    Download 32-bit notepad / 64-bit notepad
    Go to the title folder and open the “SystemOptionGraphics.cfg” application with Notepad -> usually find the “Windowfullscreen” parameter and set it to “1”.

    a) Add the game to your list of the best anti-malware options including Windows Defender and Firewall. Restart your computer and launch your own launcher.
    b) Right click on the video folder -> -> Properties. Uncheck most of the checkboxes from the “write protection” attribute -> OK. Launch the launcher.

    “Black video panel with full sound and music playback”
    a) Delete files system.cfg, SystemOptionGraphics.cfg from someone else’s playback folder. Start the game;
    b) Start Menu -> Run -> regedit -> ok, then find and delete in the branch HKEY_CURRENT_USER Software Aion Client SystemInfo.

    “The computer mouse is delayed, jumps onthe middle, and the camera is limited when you need 180 °. ”
    Remove the Overwolf component from any TS3 program.

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    Oshibka Aion Directx
    Blad Aion Directx
    Aion Directx Fehler
    Aion Directx Fout
    Errore Aion Directx
    Aion Directx Fel
    Error De Directx De Aion
    아이온 다이렉트 오류
    Erro Directx Aion
    Erreur De Directx Aion

    Having Problems With Aion Directx Error?
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