Tips To Resolve Oracle Database Creation Error

Sometimes your system may display an error message while creating the Oracle database. This problem can be caused by a number of reasons.

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    I’m new to Oracle, I basically have your basics, but I’ve run into a lot of conflicts while installing software on some of my computers. I am using a Windows 2 computer.Instead, it was pretty easy to install it on my friend’s desktop.

    In the end I was able to install the application, but the database was never created. So I tried to use it manually from the command line.I can now log into sqlplus (although Enterprise Manager still works less), but sqlplus barely does anything because I still get the same errors.For example, if almost any query “SELECT TABLESPACE_NAME FROM USER_TABLESPACES;” I get the error message ORA01219 The database won’t even openThen I state that “ALTER DATABASE OPEN” error ORA01507 The database is not mounted.Then, even though I’m trying to mount this database using “ALTER DATABASE MOUNT”, I seem to get an ORA00205 error when looking up the control file.Then I get the current file path using “SHOW PARAMETER control_files”, but that file doesn’t actually exist.I think they were not created during installation, I have very basic knowledge of the problem …Hope someone can help me, so if the database works I will train.Thank you in advance,Peace.

    Use Database Tuning Advisor (DBCA) instead of CREATE DATABASE ... . DBCA has a graphical interface that guides you through all the changes. As you noticed during installation as well as setting up Oracle, it is not easy, you will not be ashamed to use the GUI at first.

    database creation error oracle

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    database creation error oracle


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    Errore Di Creazione Del Database Oracle

    Tips To Resolve Oracle Database Creation Error
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