Error Connecting To Dump Database? Repair Immediately

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    In this guide, we will describe some of the possible causes that can cause the dump database connection error, and then provide possible fixes that you can try to resolve the issue.

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    Mediawiki: DumpBackup – Error Connecting To Database: Unknown Error

    Jumping from an airplane is not a basic instinct. None breathes underwater. But put them together and you can potentially go into space!

    I tried to migrate data from one wiki to another using “mediawiki / maintenance / dumpBackup.php” – not immediately possible with:

    Error connecting to database: unknown error

    You must first configure “mediawiki / AdminSettings.php”! Copy the main “AdminSettings.sample” file to “.php” and set up a new username / password for your wiki database.

    dumpbackup db connection error

      serving php / dumpBackup.php --chock-full> mydump.xml  

    • I have multiple wikis if the base is the same but different furniture. How can I specify which rss feeds should be displayed
      • If the maintenance or enables the Soft Linked People Wiki installation uses a different one, the backup script uses the settings from whereUsually there are files. This will ignore the nice table prefix you defined in the LocalSettings of some second installation. I removed the maintenance of and include to copy the real ones, then the backup script used the correct LocalSettings . â € "alxndr (t) 23:45, year 9 just passed July (UTC)
    • I am getting a specific error: This script needs to be run from the command line -- 23:30 Oct 8, 2008 (UTC)
    • How much does it cost to reset a specific Linux image? in – Previous unsigned comment, inserted on 203.59.181. (Discussion 26 - Articles)
    php dumpBackup.php> out.xml - Emufarmers (T | C) 16:49 Feb 10, 2009 (UTC) in progress
    • I'm from Windows and PHP5. My database seems to be working. Programs? This is my order, but also an error:
    command) C: Programs PHP5> php -q "C: Programs Abyss Web Server htdocs wikismith maintenance dumpBackup.php" --full --report
    Error) DB network connection error: unknown error

    Warning - Division By Pole - Will There Be Problems?

    When dumping the wiki, the last two lines of the Dump get stuck:

    Warning: division by zero if [DIRECTORY] / main maintenance / on line 26706/10/2009 14:14:18: 10206 pages Wikidemia_ (92.738 / sec), 59,922 revolutions (544.487 / sec), ETA 2009-06-10 14:14:20 [maximum division 61176]Warning: reset to [DIRECTORY] / main maintenance / backup.On inc company 267

    The set "Warning: is division by zero by ... likely to cause problems?" Is there a known solution? Thank users. Wikidemia

    I don't know how to quote, problem, and you --report blessed no = n. Examining the file reveals the issue of not validating the actual event when specifying the --report flag, which provides the parameter. omit this flag.

    Thanks anonymous commentator.I confirm that doing a lot of dumpBackup without --report will fix this error (and still log the page count).Assuming this warning word was not just for me and Wikademia, I mentioned it in the Manual section: DumpBackup.php # Error_messages.- David Carey (talk) 14:47, February 3rd of thisyear (UTC)

    dumpbackup db connection error

    I'm confused because usually --full and --logs in a flag are like dumpBackup.php file. The backup doesn't seem to completely grab the logs, so the log tag obviously doesn't get all of the data. Do I need these two to be in different landfills? Or should I just play it safe and make 3 dumps and freeze them. --Urda 16:07, 12 March 2010 (UTC)

    Error Message

    Parse error : Syntax error, ':' is definitely expected '(' in / home / content / c / 2 / o / c / html / main maintenance / dumpBackup.php Line at 60
     $ textMode = isset ($ options ['stub'])  ? WikiExporter :: STUB : WikiExporter :: TEXT;  
    I solved this problem simply with php5. 23:57, 20 May next year (UTC)

    Backups For Farms

    I wrote this little script dumpBackup_farm.php to support wiki families.

    For example, if dumpBackup_farm.php --full is called from php, wiki42 out will create a full backup created bywiki42. This works for the family because the wikis were created in scenario 2.

    XML document is sent with standard output (stdout); Are progress reports sent to standard error (stderr)? Thewhitebox (Talk) 10:21, August only (UTC) 2014

    replied in thread: Project: Supportdesk / Where are stdout and stderr? Thewhitebox (Talk) 01:13, August 16 (UTC) this year
    a dump.xml file was created in the servicing folder.

    My MySQL Data Is Not On A Known Port

    • Either connect to my database on TCP / IP port 5754
    • or to one socket:
     $ mysql -S mysql / mysql.-u Root reason sock -p mysql

    I have a 7-semester wiki whose operating system has run out and is having problems at home. I am trying to drop the wiki to import it into a fresh installation on a modern well-supported operating system.

     MediaWiki 1.15.0PHP 5.2.10-2ubuntu6.10 (apache2handler)MySQL 5.1.37-1ubuntu5.5-log
     root @ wiki: / var / lib / mediawiki # php Maintenance / dumpBackup.php --fullThis RSS feed is not available. Check [email protected]: / var / lib / mediawiki #

    My AdminSettings.php is configured as follows (veryyou can see that the username and even the password have been removed):

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  •  $ wgDBadminuser here = 'username';$ wgDBadminpassword equals "password";

    Can someone just tell me what I'm doing wrong? Is it a disease of the software or of the person trying to use it? Chillum (discussion) 18:12 Feb 19, 2015 (UTC)

    Are There More Variables Needed?

    If your current variables are not set then dumpBackup.php doesn't really work when you try to reconnect during db

    Mine seems to be working incredibly well, so is there a season where $ wgDBadminuser and $ wgDBadminpassword cannot be set to $ wgDBuser ?

    • I just wanted you to add a comment - I tried (in 2019) to create a single backup of the old MediaWiki, but having the PHP configuration on the same server and the new MySQL server is of course enough. Another. In my LocalSettings.php I think $ wgDBadminuser and $ wgDBadminpassword are NOT described, not executed, and php maintenance / dumpBackup.php failed with DB connection error: access to 'user is denied for 'SERVERONE ' user '@' [IP-address] '(with password: NO) .Only after adding the dialog box $ wgDBadminuser = $ wgDBuser; and $ wgDBadminpassword $ wgDBpassword; that LocalSettings.php includes a check for php maintenance / dumpBackup.php .

    Does this mean that you need to temporarily replace $ wgRevisionCacheExpiry in LocalSettings.php before running the script? If so, is it really said on the site?

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    Error Connecting To Dump Database? Repair Immediately
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