How Can I Fix Excel VBA Error Code 70?

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    At times, your computer may display an error code indicating Excel vba error code 70. There are many reasons that can cause this problem. Error 70 occurs when Microsoft Windows DCOM permissions are not properly resolved. Additionally, error 70 can only occur in workgroup environments if the Windows title and password do not roughly match the client and server.

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    How do I fix Runtime Error 70?

    I am getting error 70 when I try to open the program. Make sure the program launcher icon is pointing to a large target. Right click on the icon, select Properties and display the target string, which should point to this Drake executable. Correct the target company if it is incorrect.

    An attempt was made to write to a write-protected hard disk and possibly access a locked file. This error has the following causes and solutions:

    • You tried to open a fully read-only file for sequential output or append. Open the input file to change the write-protect attribute for each file.

    • You tried to open a directory on an originally write-protected disk for sequential printing or appending. Remove the write-protect device from the disc or file open for input.

    • You tried to write to history that was locked by another process. In the market, wait for the file to open so that almost all other versions will process it.

    • You tried to maintain the registry , but your user rights do not include this type of access to the Windows registry on your computer.

      On 32-bit Microsoft Windows systems, a specific user must have appropriate read and write permissions to access the system A lot of registry. Your edit rights or ask your system administrator to change all of them.

    For various information, select an item and press F1 (Windows) and HELP (Macintosh).

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    This usually happens because you want to use the same checkmark name. Try this instead:

      sub example ()    Decrease lngIndx until    Dim ws like Excel sheet    Dull shp like Excel.Shape   Set ws = Excel.ActiveSheet.    Set Shp = ws.Shapes.AddShape (msoShapeOval, 174 #, 94.5, 207 #, 191.25)    If NameUsed (ws, "Foo"), then        lngIndx matches 2        Execute while NameUsed (ws, "Foo" & CStr (lngIndx))            LngIndx = LngIndx + 1        ribbon means "Foo" and CStr (lngIndx)    Another       Shp .name = "Foo"    ifEnd end underPrivate function NameUsed (parent ByVal as Excel sheet.ByVal, name as string) as boolean    Dull shp like Excel.Shape    Dim blnRtnVal as boolean    name = LCase $ (name)    For every shp As a parent. the form       If LCase $ ( = Then term            blnRtnVal = True            Exit for        End if    Next    Name used = blnRtnValEnd function 

    excel vba error code 70

    answered Jun 9 ’09 at 7:18


    Get yourself in order in your role. Define objects that cannot be bound to an empty string after using them, and do not use existing names between functions and subroutines.

    posted on April 10, 2012 at 9:58 am

    “Permission denied” does not apply to the saved sheet, but rather applies to improper access when attempting to access a property or variable.

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  • I believe that “sh” clearly denotes the point at which you are trying to test it and determine its real value, “Name”. to check if you initialized it correctly before setting properties.

    How do I bypass VBA error in Excel?

    “Resume next on error” is an instruction for handling errors when we need to ignore a known error. If you want to ignore only the main error message for a specific code package, close the error recovery statement by adding the “On Error GoTo 0” statement.

    answered Jun ’09 at 7:03


    You can find several answers to this VB error below on StackOverflow. Each answer or situation is indeed different, although each lastThe answer gives various possible reason for the cause (file permissions, folder permissions, rework, namespaces, etc.).

    I would suggest narrowing down the reason by double-clicking the side of that function / BOM code to highlight it (the breakpoint looks like a red dot) (You can also right-click a line of code – select Toggle . followed by Breakpoint ).

    Then run your code to stop it at your breakpoint. Then you can enter / exit / exit your codes and basically find the line responsible for removing the error code. B (step would be F8 , step would be Shift + F8 ((go to Debug main menu for more options)))

    Once you identify each of our responsible lines of code, your company can continue your search.

    In an additional script, I used the most protected variable name “Date” (look at the variable names). After renaming to something else, the problem was resolved.

    excel vba error code 70

    removed September 12, 19 at 13:53


    How do I fix a VBA error in Excel?

    Usually, “On Error Go [Label]” is used at the beginning of the code.Use ONLY “Resume on Error” if you are sure about possible errors.If you are using error handlers, be sure to use Exit Sub before the handlers.

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    How Can I Fix Excel VBA Error Code 70?
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