Have You Reformatted Your Hard Drive Due To Windows 7 Bios Issues?

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    You should read these recovery methods if your computer got reformatted hard drive due to Windows 7 BIOS error.

    This is, without a doubt, a desperate cry for help from someone who needs to get their computer repaired, and a question still asked by those who, for whatever reason, have no other option to format their hard drive. drive. But can the hard drive be formatted from BIOS? Е Or how do you do it? Read on to find out how you can use your PC’s BIOS to format a problematic drive.

    Part 1: Why Do I Need To Format The Hard Drive In BIOS Settings?

    Can I reformat hard drive from BIOS?

    Is it possible to format a hard pump via BIOS? Many people know how to format hard CD or DVD through BIOS. The short answer is: usually you can’t. If you want to format your hard drive and your whole family can’t do it from Windows, you can create a bootable CD, DVD, or USB stick and run a free third-party formatting service.

    Hard disk formatting via BIOS is not a new common method. However, there are usually times when you simply have no other choice.

    For example, your computer might be in boot mode that prevents Windows from starting. If you and your family are having a similar problem no matter which version of Windows you are using, be sure to format the drive through BIOS.

    Another difficulty in backing up a hard drive from BIOS is when you want to format the type of system partition. Since the operating system is installed on this partition, you cannot create it when booting from the hard drive. Reinstalling the operating system also requires formatting the system partition, and this cannot be done if the main computer boots normally. You must boot from the BIOS, so to speak. But how? At h Pay attention.

    Part 2: Can I Format The BIOS Of The Hard Drive Using The Settings?

    Fast, no. But you cannot install a hard drive via BIOS; You of course cannot format the drive, otherwise you will be partitioning directly from these settings.

    This is because your computer’s BIOS is not designed for this purpose. This firmware is used to start up hardware during initialization, not to reformat your system. It also includes runtime for systems and policies, making data available to the user’s microprocessor.

    In other words, the BIOS can detect any attachments when the computer starts up and loads the operating system into memory while the computer is ready to go. Although the BIOS will recognize your hard drive and allow you to boot the operating system from this mode, it will not allow you to format your primary hard drive. In fact, it is the operating system itself that allows you to format the entire hard drive, except for the system partition.

    How do I wipe my operating system from BIOS?

    Enter that particular BIOS.On the Advanced statement, use the arrow keys to select a custom configuration and then press Enter.Select Restore Factory Settings, then press Enter.Select On, then press Enter.

    Even if it is impossible to structure the hard disk from BIOS,do not despair. There are other ways that people can use to achieve their goals. The easiest way is to train from a bootable disk, as CD, DVD or USB storage is expensive and BIOS settings allow formatting.

    Before being reminded, the formatting process will erase all data on your disk, including data on the system partition. If possible, you should back up all of your data before booting to a great boot drive to avoid data loss. With that in mind, let’s see how to format a demanding hard drive from BIOS.

    Part 3: How To Permanently Format Hard Drive From BIOS

    In order to organize the hard drive in your BIOS, you will definitely need to change the settings to automatically boot from the hard drive. In keeping with this concept, when the hard drive boots on reboot, the PC displays a meaningful message asking you if you want to reformat the hard drive.

    If your workstation is running Windows 7 or earlierversion, you need a Windows floppy disk to format. Windows 10 users can execute your process without a hard drive from a command prompt window.

    1. Format Your Hard Drive In Windows 7 Or Earlier

    Step 1 Restart your computer and press F8 or the Delete key to enter BIOS settings. After rebooting, the system will tell you which key to press. So take a look at the screen you have and quickly press the right key.

    Step 2 After entering BIOS setup, use the arrow keys to select advanced BIOS functions. Press Enter to get a set of menus and boot the bootable device as CD, DVD or USB.

    Step 3 Now that you’ve changed your settings, insert someone else’s bootable drive into your CD-ROM drive and / or possibly a USB port and restart your computer. The system will ask you to indicate the option to format the hard drive. Choose the first option and format your hard drive.

    2. Format Your Hard Drive In Windows 10

    If you need Windows 10 you can use hard formatting BIOS using the command. To do this, you will need to use the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool to create installation media (either an essential bootable CD or a USB stick). Then follow these steps:

    Step 1 Install a specific bootable disk in BIOS as described above, then restart your computer directly from the installation media.

    Step 2 After Windows Setup has loaded, select your language, time and currency format and, if necessary, keyboard input method, then click Next.

    Step 10 The next screen will finally ask you to click the Install Now button, but you may need to select the Repair a New Computer option at the bottom of the screen.

    Step 5 On the Advanced Options screen, click Command Prompt.

    Step 6 Find the system partition by simply typing the following commands, punishing Enter each time:

    In the commands above, F corresponds to the delivery pages of the selected volume (which usually in Windows 10 should definitely be C as the operating system in older versions). If you can’t find here is Windows, just repeat all the commands replacing F with C or D until you get it. Windows is listed on the upload pages of the selected volume, so just check if it is there.

    Step 7 When you find Windows in partition F, enter the following command: format F: / fs: ntfs (replace F with the partition letter when installing Windows on someone else’s computer). p>

    Will informs you in its message that you will lose all information and asks if you want to continue formatting. Y-Art and press Enter to open formatting.

    Additional Tips: Recovering Data From Formatted Hard Drives

    You often wonder what method you can use to format your hard drive through BIOS, because the system freezes and you can no longer successfully turn on the computer. Subsequently, important data may be hidden from you during a restart, but also during formatting.

    Luckily, you can use Recoverit Data Recovery for Windows to recover your lost data. This comprehensive personal data recovery app can find your damaged or underactive data.Available content, you can review these files to make sure the companies you want are correct and restore them to the location of your choice. Some things you probably know about Recoverit:

    reformat hard drive from bios windows 7

    How to get Recoverit Data Recovery to get back all lost files on Windows system:

    How do I force a hard drive to format Windows 7?

    Enter diskmgmt. Msc “in the search box on the Start menu.Click Disk Management. The administration window will open.Right click on the drive you want to format.Click Format.

    Immediately after formatting the hard disk, download this best data recovery software from web portal and install it on a different partition than the partition where you deleted or lost data, then register using the received electronic key and buy it …

    The program will display a preview of the data returned by faces. May

    reformat hard drive from bios windows 7

    Now you can preview the recovered recordings and decide which files to recover. To do this, simply click the “Recover” button while waiting for the program to recover your files and launch. To increase your chances of success, select files on a different partition on your hard drive.


    If you want to remove the BIOS hard drive due to an unexpected system crash or an action Because you want to reinstall a new system, the steps above should help people like a specialist. Now you even know how to successfully recover your lost data if you have important files stored in the same partition as the system you are using.

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  • 2. Launch the application and sign in with your account credentials
  • 3. Choose the computers you want to scan and start the restoration process

  • Before you remember, your hard disk layout is an intermediate process that cannot be undone. So make sure you have a bootable disk to replace Windows again. Then you can always choose a reliable data recovery software to get back the data that you have definitely lost.

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    Have You Reformatted Your Hard Drive Due To Windows 7 Bios Issues?
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