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STARTTLS problem

Hello everyone!

This is the error message:

error message; An error occurred while sending the email: Unable to create a secure outbound remote computer (SMTP) connection to smtp-mail.outlook.com using STARTTLS, which does not advertise this feature. Disable STARTTLS for this server or imagePlease contact your service provider. ‘

starttls error thunderbird

I reported the issue a few weeks ago, but it looks like it is still occurring.

The email looks good.

Any advice is appreciated!


Selected solution

said daveblackburn

Thanks for our comments.Yes, something is wrong.

You will definitely always use TLS instead of configuring it correctly. Change SSL / TLS to. This is not the same as STARTTLS. Even though the people at Microsoft don’t understand what you said.

Again, read this answer in context ‘0

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Usually the outgoing server hotmail / live / outlook.com is smtp.office365.com on port 587, STARTTLS security, authorization = normal user password, name means email address. Do you have 2-step verification out of the box for an account that can be connected via a VPN?

Thank you all, I generally solved the problem!

Hmmm, same problem.

I am attaching screenshots.

“Do you have two-step verification and VPN connection?” – Definitely not a VPN, how can I tell if this is a 2-step verification?

Thanks again!

Why is Thunderbird rejecting my password?

First check if cookies are enabled in TB Options / Privacy or Privacy & Security (TB 78), set the check in server settings on the incoming mail server and also on the outgoing mail server (SMTP) to OAuth2, then delete the account details in the saved passwords. … , restart TB, the current password of the work account in the OAuth browser is important

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